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April 4, 2017
Fuel Transfer Pump–Mechanical – APM61067
April 4, 2017
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HEUI Injector

HEUI Injector – AP63800AA
OEM Part Numbers: 1816187C3, 1818259C2, 1821752C1, 1821836C3, 1822800C95, 1822801C91

HEUI Injector – AP63801AB
OEM Part Numbers: 1822803C1, 1823561C1, 1824582C94, 1824583C97, 1825125C1, 1825126C1
Notes: Prime (Split Shot) Injector.

HEUI Injector – AP63802AC
OEM Part Numbers: 1724474C2, 1822890C1, 1824472C1, 1824473C2, 1824455C94, 1824456C96

HEUI Injector – AP63803AD
OEM Part Numbers: 1823751C91, 1831487C92, 1831488C1, 1831489C12, 1831550C14, 1831551C13
Notes: Prime (Split Shot) Injector. Recommend replacing AD injector in #8 cylinder location with AE injector to eliminate “cackle.” This became standard production in 2002.

HEUI Injector – AP63804AE
OEM Part Numbers: 1833639C1, 1833640C1, 1833644C1, 1833645C1, 1833646C92, 1833647C91
Notes: Long Lead (LL or blue harness connector) Injector. Used in #8 cylinder location to eliminate “cackle”.

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