Gasoline injector Service

Gasoline Injector Services and ASNU tester

Now a full set of injectors can be cleaned and tested for approximately the cost of one new injector!

Many automobiles accumulate a wax, varnish, and/or dirt build-up inside the injectors. This usually results in a vehicle jerking, losing power, and sometimes stalling. It can also result in an inefficient malfunctioning engine. Most importantly, it is a primary use for a higher emissions output from the vehicle, and therefore increasing pollution. Our state of the art Ultrasonic cleaning system removes the build up of dirt within the injectors.

In short, our Gasoline Injection Service program will improve your ride, provide better gas mileage, increase power and lower emissions, saving you from expensive repair bills. Come join hands with us for a brighter and greener future by participating in our Gasoline Injection Service program.

GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection is a process where a very fine mist of fuel is injected, at fuel pressures that vary between 450 – 3000 psi, directly in to the combustion chamber. Our GDI injector cleaning and testing service can help save you money.

Our Injector Diagnostic System allows us to compare, side by side, fuel injector flow rates and spray patterns. We also service automotive, motorcycle, ATV, snow-mobile, Jet Ski, marine, and outboard fuel injectors.

gasoline direct injection